How to install HP printer on Mac computer

One cannot just deny the actual fact, that when it comes down to your variety of computers, printers, and laptops, you’ll want to trust only on those brands which promise you to provide with utmost customer care, keeping most of the nuances and details in mind. One of many brands that come in your mind, while talking about the above scenario is HP. It is possible to very well depend on its services and products while the best thing about this is the fact that it includes 24 hours support system. You simply need to get in touch with the HP Printer customer support number and they will resolve most of the queries that you may have with all the devices.

It is currently becoming so common to see a printer in every household, offices, cafes, etc. Individuals are printing a huge number of documents every single day, so it becomes really important to buy an excellent quality printer and do the installation properly regarding the computing device. The installation process requires two stages- setting within the printer and then installing it regarding the computing device. For those who have a HP printer and a Mac computer and also have still not completed the installation process, then what exactly are you looking forward to? Just read this blog and progress to know about the steps.

Step 1: Prepare the device to install

Connect your printer towards the Mac computer via USB cable and switch on both the devices. If you use an invisible printer, then plug the printer via Ethernet Cable to your router.

Some printers need to have installation Check whether any CD came along. If yes, then insert the CD and complete the installation process. You will be needed to have an external CD reader when it comes to Mac computer.

Now connect the printer to the Wi-Fi network, and make certain that both the printer and Mac is connected to the same network(This needs to be followed if you should be not installing the printer via USB cable)

Step two: Install the HP printer on the Mac computer

Find the apple logo at the top left corner of this screen.

As soon as you will choose the logo, a drop-down menu will be, choose that and then go to system preferences

Go to Printers and Scanners>Select your printer from the list. Then select the printers and scanners.

In the event that you come across any point while you are installing the printer that makes you get stuck, then you definitely must reach out to HP Printer support phone number and obtain their proper guidance.